The Wise Medicine Way is a strategic system that integrates the most effective forms of healing from traditional medical systems around the world. The foundation is based on more mature medical approaches, such as Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine from Asia, and Yoruba medicine from Equatorial Africa. The evolving botanical medicine knowledge from traditional and modern systems is combined with the most effective advances in contemporary biomedicine, all provided with a loving, energized connection.


Essential to the Wise Medicine Way are two important components. The first is incorporating the best cutting-edge therapies. The second is using only the best equipment available in the world.


Dr. Wilcox will support you through a wise and effective treatment program that focuses on identifying and eradicating the root cause of the problem, healing the damage done, restoring your vital health foundation, and preventing future issues. 

Seven Steps - The Wise Medicine Way

Uncover the root problem.

The first step in your heroic journey to wellness and optimal performance is identifying often overlooked and poorly diagnosed infections that may be from parasites, bacteria, yeast, and other fungi. Such infections are often critical root factors undermining all other therapies. We gain this essential information through Wise Diagnostic microscopy services.


We also consider other often overlooked issues that could be undermining your health, such as toxic metal accumulations of mercury, lead, and others.


If such infections or toxic accumulations are identified, we create a precise, therapeutic strategy to resolve them in order to restore and optimize your health. 

Treat and Prevent

Next we support the healing process in two ways.

1.    Kill the Identified Unwanted Intruding Infections
We resolve your body’s foundational health issues through EWEJE Plant Juices extracted from fresh, wild-crafted, and organically grown Equatorial African botanicals. EWEJE is the Yoruba word for “plants work.” Based on centuries-old formulations, they have been optimized to restore and promote your intestinal and overall health. 


During the process of removing and resolving the intruders we educate about preventing reinfections. For example, intestinal parasite infections are more common in the United States than is recognized. In our clinical experience somewhere between a third and a half of the population have digestive system invaders.


2. Improve Vitality (so that your body can do its job and heal)
Often chronic health conditions result in energy depletion that undermines all attempts at optimizing health and vitality. The body is extremely competent at healing if it has the right foundation. 

Based on the state of vitality we might recommend Augmented Activated Immune Injections (AAII), IV Ozone Therapy, Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UVBI), Bioidentical Hormones, and/or an individualized supplement program.


For example, chronically sick people often experience adrenal fatigue. If present, we support the adrenals to help improve the energy to the whole body. Sometimes this is also essential to eliminating the invading intruders. 


If toxic metals such as mercury and lead are found, we provide safe and effective protocols for eliminating them. 

Confirm Solution (repeat testing)

You have invested in your most valuable asset, your health, through our diagnostic tests and healing protocols. Now it’s time to confirm the problem is truly gone. This is a good scientific method.


We do not want to waste your time, energy, and money! We retest to evaluate your improvement and to confirm that the treatment put into action was successful in clearing the root issues. 


If some parasites are still present we repeat a modified Wise Botanical EWEJE Plant Juice protocol and expand our diagnostics to uncover what is preventing the body from healing. Other clinical services may be necessary to improve vitality and strengthen the immune system.


If toxic metals were an issue, we retest to monitor their elimination.

Heal the Damage Done

Depending on where the problems are, we deploy a broad range of Clinical Services, EWEJE Plant Juices, and nutritional supplements to heal the damage done.  


Deep Abdominal Organ Massage 
Deep Abdominal Organ Massage (DAOM) was developed by Dr. Wilcox over the decades to aid in resolving any residual congestion in the organs and tissues of the abdomen. In many cases, and especially chronic cases, involving intestinal infections from parasites, bacteria, and yeast, the organs and tissues have been “traumatized” and are very painful when pressed due to congestion or blocked circulation of blood, fluid, and energy. DAOM is often essential to help heal the damage created by these infections.


Classical Chinese Acupuncture
Classical Chinese Acupuncture evolved over millennia. It is a powerful, exceptionally sophisticated tool for improving a person’s vital energy by harmonizing, activating, and charging the energy channels of the body. When performed properly the practitioner feels and can transmit the vital energy while embodying an intimate, loving presence. This is essential to helping heal the damage done. 


10 Pass IV Ozone Therapy
Various forms of Ozone Therapy have evolved in many countries throughout the world over the past five decades and are essential therapeutic tools of the medical specialty called Oxidative Medicine. 10 Pass IV Ozone Therapy is the most recent and most powerful development in Ozone Therapy and is by far the most effective because it allows for a much higher dosage of Ozone in a faster period of time, thus boosting benefits. Simply explained, Ozone Therapies utilize atomic oxygen to help eliminate infections while at the same time “jump starting” cell respiration that results in the increased production of ATP (the energy molecule of life) by the cellular mitochondria and the elimination of cellular waste.


Other Therapeutic Tools
There are other powerful therapeutic tools that may be essential to healing the damage done and the overall success in the Wise Medicine Way. The Augmented Activated Immune Injection (AAII), compounded from a person’s own blood, is often most powerful. The AAII optimizes the immune system and improves production of ATP (the energy molecule of life). Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UVBI) can be highly effective because it eliminates pathogens and provides energy. An appropriate, individualized supplement program is always important.


Rebuild and Optimize 

Once a solid foundation has been established by eliminating invaders and toxic metals, and the damage done has been resolved, rebuilding the microbiome for good digestion and a strong immune system, mitochondrial production of energy, and glandular production of hormones is often necessary.


Rebuilding often requires a comprehensive evaluation of the body’s hormone symphony, including blood and urine hormone testing. The hormone symphony involves much more than just the sex hormones - (estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone) - and includes essential adrenal hormones (Cortisol and DHEA), thyroid hormones, and insulin, as well as the hormone metabolites.


Regenerative Injection Therapy with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), created from your own blood, is a powerful therapy effectively used to regenerate connective tissue such as damaged tendons, ligaments, and cartilage causing joint pain. PRP Injection Therapy is also utilized along with Soundwave Therapy (Shockwave) to rejuvenate the genitals.


In every case an individualized supplement program based on computer analysis of data provided by your blood chemistry is essential and provides a sophisticated, customized supplement protocol. This data is determined by simple blood tests that are routinely performed at annual physicals. 


Maintain and Prevent

We educate you on how to maintain your health and vitality for life. Essential to this is prevention from being reinfected, as explained in the two articles by Dr. Wilcox titled Parasite, Bacteria, Virus, Yeast, and Fungi Exposure Risks and Parasite, Bacteria, Virus, Yeast, and Fungi Prevention Protocols. These articles explain how to avoid getting parasites, unhealthy bacteria, etc. from food, water, pets, and people and provide practical supplement protocols for prevention and maintenance moving forward.


It is important to realize that these invaders are common in America and even more so in other countries we visit. Improving awareness and developing good habits for prevention is a must.


Individually appropriate diet and a customized dietary supplement program are needed to maintain health and vitality.


Of course, appropriate exercise and stretching is essential for maintaining health and performance.


Ongoing prevention of exposure to new infections or toxins is critical.

Cultivate Contentment, Connection, and Deep Peace

Ultimately, good health and vibrant vitality are the foundation for developing true contentment and intimate connection with self, others, and “The Divine.” Of course, the sense of this is intrinsic throughout the Wise Medicine Way.


Guidance to superior Integrative Meditation practices in which consciousness is calmly, peacefully, perfectly settled in the being center are provided.


Optimizing sleep is essential. The Dalai Lama, when once asked about the best form of meditation, responded “Sleep.”


Leading edge technologies in brain wave biofeedback and brain wave entrainment are recommended.

Conscious breathing and stretching exercises can be explored to assist in the journey.


Good, intimate, satisfying sexual connection is often an essential part of the Wise Medicine Way. For those who are interested, guidance in the traditions of Sacred Sexuality is a more advanced path to explore.

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Good health is your most valuable asset. Invest wisely.



Dr. Glenn Wilcox, the creator of Wise Medicine®, focuses on identifying and resolving the root causes of your health and performance issues and provides services to help you restore your body, mind and spirit, regain your vitality and optimize your most valuable asset in life – good health..

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