For half a century Dr. Glenn Wilcox has been divinely guided to follow the path of mastering energy medicine. This journey culminated in the creation of Wise Medicine®. The Wise Medicine Way is the related, essential, strategic system designed to discover the source of medical and performance issues and then, together with you, create a step-by-step plan leading to optimal health utilizing an integrative and functional approach. We support you through an effective, wise diagnostic and treatment program that focuses on specifically identifying and resolving the root cause(s) of the problem, restoring the health foundation and vitality while preventing future problems, so that health and performance may be optimized.

Wise Diagnostic provides access to world-class microscopy in several specimen categories to accurately identify commonly missed infections from parasites, bacteria, yeast, and fungi. 

Wise Botanicals provides wild-crafted and organically grown botanical medicines based on traditional Yoruba remedies from equatorial Africa to effectively resolve your issues.     


Classical Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Bioidentical Hormone Testing and Therapy

10 Pass IV Ozone and Other Ozone Therapies

Regenerative Injection Therapies: - PRP and Prolozone

Deep Abdominal Organ Massage and Soundwave Therapy

Natural Medicine
IVs: - Myers’ Cocktail
and More

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UVBI)

Heavy Metal Testing, Detox, and Chelation

Individualized Diet and Supplement Protocols

Ready to Feel


Book a consultation with Dr. Glen Wilcox, if you are unable to travel to our office,  you can schedule a video conference using your
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Call our office to determine if a virtual visit will work for you. The team will ensure that you get the right care at the right place, at the right time.



Dr. Glenn Wilcox, the creator of Wise Medicine®, focuses on identifying and resolving the root causes of your health and performance issues and provides services to help you restore your body, mind and spirit, regain your vitality and optimize your most valuable asset in life – good health..

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